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When you become a billboard of your beliefs

We have discussed so much about how much your fashion choices speak for you. You have probably learned already about lines, colors and patters that help you look and be perceived as more direct, more professional or more friendly and approachable. Straight lines, higher contrast, deeper colors all convey more of the first, while soft and curved lines, soft color and lower contrast depict you as more of the latter. So, you know very well by now that when you choose clothes, you choose what you want to communicate about yourself.

Now, add words to that…  and what do you have? A very clear message, right? Yes, right! And there is no doubt that when Melania Trump chose her famous infamous jacket to visit shelters where kids who have been separated from her parents in the US border are staying, that she knew very well what she was doing. And if you think she didn’t, I have got 2 reminders for you. One, the first lady has always been known for an upscale fashion style, always so well put together and never wearing print, what to say about written messages. Two, she does have a team of advisors and that includes personnel to advise her on what to do and wear on every occasion. So, yes, she knew what she was doing. She meant “I really don’t care, do you?”

But then, let us not talk about the clear message in the jacket for a minute, let’s talk about the color choice. military green. How do you feel or where does the military green color take you? If you, like anybody else, lives in this world, you will me subtly reminded of war, or soldiers when you look at someone wearing military green. It is common sense that it has become fashionable, but you should agree with me that in this color there is a hidden message of war – yes, in this case it is hidden – even if it is your personal everyday war to survive in this crazy selfish world.

I do believe that when you choose to wear a t-shirt or a jacket that conveys a message in it, you are making that out of a personal choice and you have your own reasons to do so. However, from the moment you walk outside your door and people read your message, it is no longer yours; it is now interpreted by readers of all walks of life, all personal filters.  Even if your message is a positive one,  it may become controversial depending on where and when you wear it.  and if you are heading to a place that is a symbol of a fight… I must confess I seldom, if ever, wear messages in my clothing because we just never know who we will meet when running errands or on the subway. It may very well be a future client and I prefer to be on the safe side. But, this is me… super cautious.

So, why would someone who actually cares about their image run changes of misinterpretation by wearing clothes with clear negative messages in it? One only reason, they just REALLY don’t care about anyone else, but themselves. We do care! So, these are some of the positive messages we endorse!

*Jenna Ortega’s beautiful leather jacket with golden and white imprint.*

*Jill Vedder, the wife of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. *

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