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Personal Shopping with Image Consulting = Smart Shopping

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Going shopping may take hours off your calendar, get you tired and for some people it is the trigger for a terrible headache. Are you one of those people? Do you think shopping is cumbersome and troublesome? Do you hate the hustle and bustle in stores? Or… Are you a man?

Well, then a personal shopper is your perfect fit. The personal shopper will purchase items for you, with or without you.  A U2 playlist is optional.

All the burden will be off your shoulders, and you are free to enjoy a happy hour with your friends!

But then, what is different when you hire your image consultant to personal shop? For starters, the pre-shopping! When shopping for you all your legwork will be saved for when you exercise, at gym! Prior to your shopping session your image consultant goes to stores and does research for you. She finds the best places to take you shopping. Depending on the client’s profile and needs some of this can be done online (saves us both some legwork). Most often, this has to be done at the store as style can be anticipated with online pre-shopping, but color, fit and quality demand a close look.

The biggest difference lies in the “YOU-knowledge”! All the knowledge about line, color, and fit from your initial consultation is applied to choose what will flatter you the most! It is a real no-brainer for you and you will only appreciate the fun shopping hours.

Now, if you love shopping and are interested in learning more about your personal fit, colors

and style, going shopping with your image consultant is the trick. Yes, there will be some pre-shopping, too. After all, your time at the store has to be effective and only about you, your preferences and your well-being.  Depending on the store policies and time availability, the image consultant may reserve some pieces already so your time at the store is even shorter.

If your are a time-savvy professional, having an image consultant do your personal shopping is your deal.

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