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White love

The summer is ending (feel like crying!) and with that, some say, so is the opportunity to wear white pants. Whether you agree or not with the Labor-Day-Weekend rule for terminating the catwalk for stylish white pants or not, due to the ease to coordinate white with lighter and softer colors, it’s more likely you will wear them during the hot season of the year.

However, you may prefer to wear skirts, dresses or even shorts during the summer, rather than pants. and then? Well, rumor says the rule to white bottoms is the same regardless of being short or long. Therefore, you have got to agree with me that, if we play by the rules, we will not wear those incredible white linen or denim pants EVER!

I beg to differ! Unlike many traditional fashionistas, I love my white bottoms and wear them year-round as I please. In the summer it is easy to pair them with light feel fabrics and colors. During fall, a light jacket will warm you up and if you wear a beige, light green or any other soft color, you will rock it. Of course we have to understand what color palette you are so we know for sure how to coordinate that. Not to mention your personal style that will add your own touch and goals to how you wear your whites.

What is definitely important here is that you look appropriate at all times and that you dress to your liking and confidence. No one will look good in white pants, skirts or shorts if they don’t feel they are doing the right thing. To that point, the length might contribute to your confidence. Sometimes what makes us uncomfortable is not the color or the shape, but the length of pants, shorts or skirts. have you ever been measured to know what fits you better? NO? Oh wow! You are missing a world of discoveries.

But, back to white pants after labor day. Yes, you can wear them! There is no penalty for doing anything “wrong” in fashion. You have to experiment. I do not wear pants at all during summer. Can’t do it! I just wear pants and cover my legs for over 60% of the year, during the summer I want to feel loose and free. I will absolutely wear might with a light knit sweater or with light weight shirt and a beautiful scarf.  What is, however, hard to pair those jeans or linen pants with is shoes! You have to choose shoes that are light-colored and that meet the outfit’s mood. Are you leaning more towards a nautical style? Loafers might do the trick. Do you prefer a more feminine feel? Go for light-weight wedges. Or maybe you have a more sensual way of being, the stilettos are an option.

I should say any heavy-looking shoe will distract and weigh too much when you are wearing light-colored pants. Therefore, take the opportunity to leave those traditional black boots for another event.

Below you have an idea of great ways to wear your beloved white bottoms while the temperature allows for it!

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