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The exclusive Essence in Style approach applied in the Image and Style professional training program offers a humanized perception of silhouettes. Through that, you will be able to help your client choose clothing and accessories that are aligned with your client's true essence. The core content of the program is a compilation of recommendations and proven theories endorsed by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) .  

You will identify your own essence to attract clients you will love working with and learn to unveil your client's essence to offer them style choices through your own technical and sensible skills as an Image and Style coach.

When you apply the Essence in Style methodology, your client is perceived as a whole individual, not merely a body to be dressed. This is how you will not only put together outfits for them; but rather, help them dress for the life of their dreams.

After all, any clothing will do for a body whose soul doesn't know where they want to get...




You love fashion and style and want to become a professional in the field?


You want to make sure you can apply the theory you learn?


You want to turn the investment in your career into profit?


You are looking for knowledge, inspiration, and support?

How about learning quality, coherent, transferable, and practical content that helps you develop your critical sense to decide what is best for your client?


Complementary Session

Please, let's check my calendar and schedule the best time for us to talk and find out more about our professional training program.

Student's Love


Dani Rocha

Graduate 2019

What can I say about Lici and her Essence in Style program? I can say the content is amazing and truly prepares you to add your own style to the market! However, this program’s highlight is by no means Lici’s essence. She teaches value, motivates for excellence, and respects individualities making Image Consulting so genuine!

Love and purpose were my greatest learning so far. Lici was born to teach this! Thanks Lici!

lici tomkiw student.png

Ada Borba

Graduate 2019

I’m an Image Consulting graduate from the Essence in Style by Lici and I can say it is one of the most comprehensive programs I have found in the market. Besides that, Lici offers full support to her students during and after completing the course. That is a huge differential.


Flavia Soares

Graduate 2020

I must confess that for years I tried working in the image industry, but everything was so superficial and did not make me feel at peace. Until I met Lici! She works with the client’s essence, bringing their truth out. We guide our clients to dress and be who they really are and lines, colors and appearance are the tools for that. My purpose is to serve people and I found that in my teacher who worries about who you are, about teaching theories, but brings the person first. If you love fashion, colors, people and don’t know where to start, this is the place for you. Here you will find people who love people and want to unveil people’s true essence. I have to also say that Lici’s methodology is great. You get 100% of your investment back.


Valeria Silva

Graduate 2019

Taking part in this Essence in Style training program with Lici has made me see how good God is. He brought me to the right place, exactly where I wanted to be. After having studied to become a Personal Stylist I started working with a few clients and something in my heart made me understand what I did was far deeper and more serious than what I was capable of doing by then. I had been following Lici on social media, and when I watched a live session on Instagram I connected for real and realized what she said was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to do something that was more meaningful than putting outfits together.

lici tomkiw student.png

Gilda Petter

Graduate 2020

After taking a personal styling class and not feeling confident to work I met Lici. She was so helpful and her methodology is so wonderful. It is all you need to learn about Image Consulting. She loves what she does and it is a fascinating professional and personal experience to all students. I love it when we have live classes, it makes us want to learn more and more. If you can take this training program, you should, it’s fantastic.


Debora Peschong

Graduate 2020

I think the good instructor is sensible to identify each student’s personal capabilities and understand how our previous experiences can help us in our future career. Lici is very sensitive to that and makes it easier for us to learn. She also makes us feel like work colleagues and partners and helps us develop a very healthy relationship with all our classmates making interaction so easy and friendly. If you are thinking about taking this program I highly recommend it.


Marinela Borin

Graduate 2020

When I was looking for an Image Consulting training my priority was to find a thorough program with which I would feel confident and secure to start working right away. That was exactly what I had when I chose Essence in Style by Lici. The training program is excellent! Lici’s dedication to the content and her openness to answer all our questions are the greatest differentials. Besides, we continue to have her mentoring with all new students even after graduating from the program.

lici tomkiw student.png

Andrea Muniz Reis

Graduate 2018

Competent and loving, a lifetime experience! Thank you Lici Iankoski Tomkiw for sharing your knowledge in such a delightful way. I highly recommend!


Andrea Schmitz

Graduate 2020

I have graduated as an International Image Consultant from the Essence in Style program by Lici Tomkiw. It is one of the most informative and complete training programs in the market. Lici does not only train consultants who respect the client’s essence, but professionals who genuinely care and respect their client’s individualities. Moreover, she motivates us to be one for all and all for one, so much so that I now have two partners who were my classmates in the training. Students in this program become a family.

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